note: it is not as deep as most modern reproductions......

.....earlier cars did have a deeper armrest...it was changed sometime in  late 1957. Possibly coincided with the new six port head.

The deeper armrest can be seen at the bottom of the page
This is a photo of another unrestored BN4 but an earlier car than Ricks.

It also has a black interior.

2 points to note are:

 - These  seats show the correct seat pattern that should have been put in Rick`s car when his were recovered. The white piping continues round the ears and does not cut inside as on later cars

- This car has the deeper armrest that was on 100-Sixs when first intoduced in 1956. It was changed some time in 1957 to the shallow type as shown on Rick`s car.

.....door seals.....
....furflex is seperate from the rubber seals...

.....no furflex under dash.....

 An Original Car

BN4L 58563 built  at Abingdon, March 6th 1958
..seat bases with thick rims....

...like the 100s

NOTE: The seat back cover is the pattern used on later cars and is not correct for this one.

...see the photo at the bottom of the page for the correct seat pattern

...the ID plate has rounded corners....
Photo courtesy of
Peter Svilens

...rear quarter panel
..carpet is only bound in three places
all on the transmisson tunnel

- around the gear stick...

- around the hand brake..

- and the edge that  butts the rear seat

more pictues
The following pictures illustrate the main features which differ from the "late style" BN4's
...sliding hood mechanism....

.....fixed to the body......
 This car is owned by Rick Lees and has been in his family since new.

It has never been apart and can be used as a reference car.
(NOTE: except for the recovered front seats which are an incorrect pattern)

It is a
6- port BN4.
......It was built in Abingdon but has all the original Longbridge features

....bonnet crease is clearly visible
...bonnet prop on right hand side of car....

previously it was thought it was moved from the left only after car
# 68960.....