The Brochure Car
The letter was accompanied by a Press Pack as mentioned in the `Enclosures` above
This is the cover of the Press Pack which included

1.  A single page doublesided letter containing specifications and a summary of the Bonneville records

2. A single page press release detailing the speed records, cost, coachwork improvements, safety and available options.

3. Publication # 1399 (this can be viewed by clicking

4. Three black and white photos showing the interior, the engine and the exterior. The exterior photo is shown below
By 1956 the large four cylinder engine was due to be replaced when BMC decided to rationalise its engine range into the three types, the A-series of 850cc, B-series of 1,500cc and C-series of 2,600 cc. The C-series engine,  displacing 2,639 cc. would power the Austin A90 and Wolseley 6/90 and was proposed as the replacement for use in the Austin-Healey. It was actually developed by Morris not Austin, whose engineers were disparaging about its performance compared to their own big four.

To accommodate the bigger engine a bonnet scoop was added to clear the radiator which was now farther forward. In addition, after pondering the marketing issues Donald Healey decided to add the two small jump seats in the back, in order to widen the car's appeal.
 This necessitated 2" being added to the chassis.
....the engine was actually designed by Morris!..... 
The car in the 1956  brochure clearly depicts Healey's strategy of widening the appeal to include young familes. As mentioned in the letter above the car now...

`gives the extra occassional passenger capacity often required by many sports car enthusiasts`

It was painted in the most flattering of colour combinations.........the famous
Healey Blue and Ivory White as run at Bonneville on the "Longnose" endurance car just prior to the launch of the 100-Six.

An interesting feature is the lighter blue interior. To read more about this colour go to
Teal Blue Interior


 Introduction of the 100 - Six
....the introduction of the 100-Six was timed to follow with the Record breaking runs that took place at Bonneville
....the letter also refers to the Bonneville records
....the letter was to be `Kept Confidential`
until September 28th 1956
Press Pack and Letter Courtesy of
Jim Lesher`s

The 100-Six was introduced in September 1956 as type BN4. The launch was timed to coincide with new records set by Austin-Healey at Bonneville in cars driven by Carroll Shelby and Donald Healey. (see Records).

The above brochure clearly ties in the Bonneville records to the introduction of the new 100-Six although the car seems to have acquired disc brakes (or black painted drums!)

Press Pack

The letter below dated
September 14th 1956 is written by J.W.Bache, the Sales Director and Manager of the Austin Motor Export Company. The letter states that the new Austin Healey six cylinder will be announced on September 28th 1956.

This photo is interesting because it shows the `correct` image of the car, which is a left hand drive model.

The photo on the brochure below is a reversed image to show a right hand drive car, which is why the  number plate is blacked out

Note the grille badge is also on the wrong side