Publication  #1673
Publication  #1405   
Other Publications

Also shown are three other small publications which do not have numbers.
They were issued in the USA
BMC 's art department must have been pretty lazy.

As you see the happy couple have now become the proud owners of a 3000!

Except the car appears to be a 100-Six!!!

Note the drum brakes and the ridge in the bonne
 Publication # 1431
This is a small format brochure. It is only a quarter of the size of the ones above and is much rarer.

It is printed using only red, black and white
Publication # 1597

3000 Brochure -  Do you recognise the happy couple !!!

Publication 1399
This brochure is for the optional hard top only.

Only the 100-Six model existed at the time so it can be seen as a 100-Six brochure
Another large format, full colour brochure but this one only has 4 pages

It exists in many versions each being slightly different for different countries and also for the introduction of the 6 port model.

It doesn't exist as a BN6 version.

This is essentially the same brochure but the artist has altered it to the 2 seat format of the BN6

It also exists as version
1334 / 2 / C
Another ultra rare document from Jim Lesher`s collection

This one is for the introduction of the BN6 and is marked

' Confidential  - Not to be released before the 6th June 1958`
Many thanks  to Reid Trummel for contributing these three documents and information from his extensive Austin Healey literature collection
Publication # 1427
Another Postcard format

This is from the same series of photos as Brochure # 1405

The reverse side lists

"Twenty features of the 100-Six"

Note the Teal Blue interior.

Document courtesy of Jim Lesher
 Another very ,very rare find.

An unumbered US two sided pamphlet which refers to the Bonneville records.

This one actually belongs to me
Ultra rare document re the introduction of the 100-Six

Its is marked

`not to be released before 28th September 1956 `

Courtesy of:
Jim Lesher
Publication # 1497
Left A postcard introducing the new 6-Port head
Courtesy of  Jim Lesher

The Brochure is quite ingeneous. The top third is a flap which folds down over the red car which is then depicted with a black hard top in place
This publication originated with the BN4

It is large format in full colour comprising 8 pages

It also exists as
1334 / A
1334 / 4 / B

Publication # 1334 / 2 / B
Publication # 1334
Un-numbered Publication
Publication # 1561

This is a postcard issued to celebrate and advertise the success of the record breaking attempts at Bonneville.

It really is this pink colour. The records are printed on the reverse.

Document courtesy of Jim Lesher

Publication # 1428 
Publication 1428 is  different from the other brochures shown here in that it is for Dealers not customers.

The package  contains examples of three advertisments  that the dealer may order and have his business name and address included in them.

To order the ads the Dealer had to complete and return the card shown on the left.

This package is so rare that most collectors I have spoken to have never seen another one like it.