This chap and his son had just finished checking the fluid levels when I shot this Mini Countryman

Malta`s road surfacing is in evidence

Repairs to an Austin A35 at a roadside workshop
 Malta Classics

Early Ford Transit flatbed being used as a fruit and vegetable truck
Morris Marina
1971-1980 a matte Olive Green colour!
Ford Prefect 100E

or maybe
an Anglia?
Since moving to Malta in 2007  I have been meaning to photograph the many classic cars that use it`s roads as daily drivers. I`ve finally made a start as I am planning to leave the island in mid 2011.

This gallery will mainly include classics that are in everyday use although no doubt some of Malta`s many beautifully restored classics will also find their way into it. Most of the photos will be snapped on the spur of the moment using a camera phone so please excuse the quality of some pictures.

If  marque experts can provide  more detailed information on each specific model please let me know.

Morris Minor
Traveller Estate

Lovely cars but BMC lost money on everyone they made!

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This must be very rare!

It`s a
1950s Ford Thames estate car

- in reality a modifed 300A van

Love the period sunvisor!

Ford Cortina MKII
1967-1970 a strange colour with after market alloys.

Hillman Husky SIII

Estate Car


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Solid looking Hillman Minx from the early 1960s