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"Taking the Right Line"

"An impressive increase in punch"

`Shortest distance...(B/W)`

`Shortest Distance`...(Colour)

`Imposant son allure..`
(French, colour)

`Donald Healey - Castrol`
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"Introducing the New 100-Six"

"New Power, New Comfort"

"Setting the Pace"

"Setting the Pace for `57"

"BMC Presents"

"Rarin to Go"

"For immediate Delivery

`Britains Pride...America`s favourites`

"Lapping in Luxury" 

"Austin Motor Co. Ltd"

"Won on Castrol"

"7 World Records"

"Success at Sebring"

Period Ads -
 "Sports  Car of Sportsmen "  1

"Sports Car of Sportsmen"  2

"Real Leather Upholstery"

"Laycock de Normanville"
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