This was the BN6. No other upgrades or changes were made at the time of its introduction, the only difference from the existing BN4 was the two seats. The BN6 outsold the BN4, but not by much. Total BN6 production was 4150 cars while BN4 production during 1958 and 1959 amounted to 3,912.
 In June 1958, a new two seat version of the 100-Six was introduced which pleased some  purists by returning to the original concept, although the four seat arrangement had been successful in attracting new buyers.

   Above: BN6 pre-production photo
Note:New style seats and armrest
 .......very few cars left the factory with the "standard" disc wheels

Look very closely and you will see that the car on the left has the later style seats where the white piping cuts inside the seat back and does not go around the `ears` as on the above car. This is a contemporary publicity photograph for the BN6
Above...BN6 at Blind Brook Polo Club NY...........with or without the girl the photo shows why the BN6 is the best looking of the 6-cylinder Healeys
The photo on the left shows the  BN6 interior with the new style seats and arm rest which were introduced  for this model and remained the same for all models until the BJ8.

This car is in one of the rarer colours  - Pacific Green with `Grey` interior

...the best looking of all six cylinder Healeys.....
However just as with the BN4, the BN6 interiors were not as straight forward as imagined. The well known BN6 interior shown above did not start out that way. The photo below is of a pre-production BN6 equipped with BN2/BN4 style seats and an early pad type armrest  which quickly evolved into the pad type shown above. (Note also the vinyl cover for the spare wheel - which was carpeted in the production models).
Photo and information regarding the factory BLUE SHEETS and production changes is courtesy of
Peter Svilans
The perfect interior of Bob Denton`s Gold Concours BN6
3000s - BN7 & BT7
UK registered PJB 828 with BN4 seats, early armrest and vinyl cover
The pre-production car above was definitely not the only one with BN4 seats. The photo on the left shows a UK registered  BN6 - this time with light coloured interior and dark piping
The Engine Bay of Bob Denton`s superb BN6

The car achieved the Gold Classification of the North American Austin Healey Concours Registry

What you see is how it was.
BN6 with typical interior
Obviously impressed with the scenery the marketing department returned to the same location to photograph the new 3000s.

The same guy, the same blonde and maybe the same swans!!!
 The factory `blue sheet` records show  that the BN4 `snap on` armrest continued on the BN6 until car # 744 from when the sewn on pad was installed.
(Bulletin Aug 13 1958)

The BN6 drivers handbook shows the BN6 equipped with BN4 seats and the new sewn on armrest.

The July 21 1958 Bulletin says that the new seats were `fitted from the outset of BN6 production` however it is very likely some early cars went out with the BN4 seats.

The glass Trafalgar washer bottle continued until car # 1182 when it was replaced by the plastic Tudor bottle. (Bulletin Nov 12 1958)

BN6 Interiors