Montlhery 1958

The attempt lasted four continuous days and nights and new records were set for 3,000 miles, 10,000 kms, 10,000 miles 13,000 kms, 2 days, 3 days and 4 days. For each of these records the average speed attained was in excess of 97 mph, unfortunately just falling short of the desired 100 mph but an amazing demonstration of the car's performance and reliability.

VOK 490 as it is today
VOK 490 close to the finish of the successful record attempt

After 4 days and nights of continuous running the car averaged 124 mph over the last two laps !!
The car was a left hand drive1957  BN4, number BN4L-O- 36131, registered VOK 490 and equipped with the six port head. It was modified by the factory to rally specifications including a strengthened chassis to cope with the poor surface of the famous, banked Montlhery  circuit located just south of Paris. A 3.9:1 rear axle ratio was also fitted and the car ran on Dunlop Racing tyres
G. Horrocks
J.M. Clarke
R.S. Jones
R.S.R. Simpson
W.H. Summers
J.A.B. Taylor
T.J. Threlfall

(also drove)
Marcus Chambers

photo: William Taylor
From : The Healey Book by Bill Emerson
autographed by Jack Sears

The car was once owned by Jack Sears who in 1959 had 4 wins, 7 seconds and 3 third places in 15 races resulting in him winning the over 2000cc class of the 1959 Autosport Production Sports Car Championship.

At the suggestion of Sears it was fitted with a 3000 engine for the 1959 season and was converted to right hand drive at the same time

VOK 490

Endurance record car driven by a team from Cambridge University Automob
ile Club 
Cambridge University Automobile Club

In early 1958, Gyde Horrocks of the Cambridge University Austomobile Club approached Marcus Chambers about  attempting to break the really long distance Class D records that Healey had never attempted.  The CUAC had already achieved similar Class G success with an Austin A35 - Chambers agreed to provide them with a car and also a team of four Abingdon mechanics. The record attempt was sponsored by Castrol and BP supplied the fuel.

Refuelling stop at Montlhery with French scrutineers watching on. BMC Competitions support vehicle is visible in the background

  VOK 490 on the banked track at Montlhery
International Class D

5,000 mls - 158.52 km/hr
10,000 mls - 156.22 km/hr

10,000 kms - 157.05 km/hr
15,000 kms - 156.17 km/hr

2 days - 150.89 km/hr
3 days - 156.63 km/hr
4 days - 156.17 km/hr