DHMC Options List
Jim Lesher

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If the options offered by Austin were rather limited major dealers provided an extensive list of upgrades and enhancements for the would be 100-Six owner.

The list below, issued by Healey Cars Sales Limited on January 1st 1958 offers an impressive list of `Extra Equipment and Modifications` both aesthetic and performance related. Some of the more interesting are:

Disc Brakes on all wheels for 85 pounds fitted! Or, perhaps with the North American market in mind, chrome plated rocker covers and and `air cleaners`. $14.00 on an exchange basis! Notice also the twin pipe exhaust upgrade for 10 guineas. (A guinea being 1 pound and 1 shilling). The first 100-Sixs only had a single tail pipe exhaust.
Hambro Options List
Barry Perkins
In addition to the above, Hambro Automotive Corporation, The US east coast main dealer and sponsor of Austin Healey race cars also provided options.

The following is a letter from Hambro to Norm Perkins enclosing their option list. Norm owned a 1958 100-Six from new and purchased both the high lift cam and the four wheel disc brake options. Norm competed in the car for many years and his son Barry is now in the process of restoring the car to its 1950s race spec.