My favourite car of the meeting

Beautiful 1957 BN4 2-port in Pacific Green over Ivory White
 with white hard top

Cruising nicely on the interstate somewhere in Indiana

photo- Rich Chrysler


American powered
`Nasty Boy`
Blair Harber
AHC Southern Ontario

Still working to get #14 finished for the show

3000 MkII

One of only 355 BN7 Tri-Carbs made

Scott Morris admiring the Tri-Carbs

Fuel stop in Flint Michigan after rainstorm


Official Conclave photo


Beautiful 100M
at the entrance to the show

`Customised` with 72 spoke chrome wire wheels.

Rich Chrysler driving #14

This is #14 of the 20 pre-production cars produced at Warwick

All alloy body


Best in show

Blair decided to restore the car to how it was when it was raced extensively in the 1960s except he left the body unpainted whereas it was white when raced. Its original colour was Healey blue
Engine bay of the same car

Healey Sports boat

Engine bay of black 100M

Achieved Gold level in the Concours

Very late BJ8

This blue colour was supposedly earmarked for production but never finally made it.
Finally home in Toronto after 11 hours and three rainstorms!
Correct `grey` interior of the 1957 BN4

With correct green carpets

Scott Morris (far right) and myself with other Southern Ontario members outside the `Brickyard`

First stop
London, Ontario

With Rich Chrysler and Scott Morris` Tri-carb


Boot of Gold level Concours 100M