The history of every Healey that raced at Le Mans

Herve's latest modification is the fitting of rear facing cooling vents in the bonnet.

These were first used on the Works 100-Sixs in 1958 and also featured on URX 727
Herve Chevalier
Healeys in the Mille Miglia

Forward by Brian Healey
Healeys in the Alpine Rally with introduction by Don Morley
Herve Chevalier is French and an avid Healeyphile.

He acquired his 100-Six in 1975 and has been a huge fan of the Austin Healey Marque ever since
Healeys in the Liege-Rome-Liege and its successor rallies

Forward by Pat Moss
 I first met Herve in 2005 when I was living in Paris and was introduced to him by Philippe Dubois. Philippe and I had been driving our Healeys in the region just south west of Paris when, after an excellant lunch I asked Philippe if he knew Herve. Not only did he know him but told me he lived quite near. We phoned Herve and drove round for an impromptu visit, Herve lives in a small town quite close to the old banked racetrack at Montlhery.

I owned a copy of his book `Les Healeys au Mans` but did not know the background behind it. Over the last 30 years Herve has amassed probably the greatest collection of original photos of Austin Healeys in race and rally action, which of course form the basis of his excellent books

Herve does all the work on the books himself and finances and arranges their publication.
They are a great addition to any Healey library and I highly recommend them, I encourage you to buy them if you haven`t already done so, the work Herve has put in deserves all the support it can get from the Healey world.

The published books are as follows:
Herve in action driving his uprated 100-Six