Trish Cecile- Pritchard Prescott
Goodwood Finish

Big spin at Fordwater during practise

James Pugh-Lewis
100 Class Record at Prescott

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Paul Baker
Gurston Down Paddock

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Richard Summers
2012 Overall
Series Champion

Murray Wakeham
Mike Cockayne

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Colin Gale

In Car Video

Nick John

2012 Big Healey Class Champion

John Tewson,
Prescott startline

...on this run he went off at Ettores!

Tim Cooke

John Wiseman


One family owned from new

Lots of patina
The paddock at Goodwood

Heavy rain all day!

 2012 Healeysport Speed Championship

Sebring Sprites

Owned by Simon Leemings and Kevin Rowe

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Gurston Down

A unique and exciting hillclinb that begins by going downhill.
The old paddock shelters at Shelsley Walsh

...another day of heavy rain!

Allan Cameron`s ex-factory 100-Six

699 DON

Castle Coombe paddock

In Car Video
 Richard Mason

...the most powerfull Big Healey in the group
Claire Giles

Road Standard BJ8
UGU 872 at Prescott

Robin Johnson`s famous yellow
`Top Gear` sprite

Pardon hairpin, Prescott 
Hugh Edwards` BJ8

Hugh drives this 230bhp car to every event from his home on the west coast of Wales!

In Car Video
Fantastic, all aluminium, 100 Le Mans. Engine by John Chatham

 Lyn Wheedon

Pat Cooper

Very powerfull Healey.

At Loton Park