Boring out the 26D engine to 3000cc
The question is often asked whether you can bore out the 100-Six block from 2640cc to the 2918cc of the `3000`.

The simple answer is `Yes..but`

I know this was done back in the day and I also know of one or two people who have bored out engines running in their cars today. There is a risk however. The problem lies in the fact that the 26D and 3000 blocks are not exactly the same. When the decision was made to increase the engine capcity the block was re-designed and in particular the route of the water passages.

Michael Salter, ex 100S owner and former long term owner of Precision Sportcars in Toronto has had first hand experience of the problem.

His findings are summarised below and make for sobering reading.


The bottom line is that it can be done but there are risks and it certainly shouldn`t be done if you are planning to build a high performance engine.