Sears in PMO 203 
early in the rally

Nancy Mitchell on the starting ramp in TON 792.

Rear disc brakes are clearly evident

Pat Moss negotiating a town centre
John Sprintzel passing the wreckage of an AC

Ann Wisdom clocking in at a night check point

Note Pat Moss` Austin Healey jacket

PMO 203

attracting a crowd


YAC 740

Tommy Wisdom descending the Gavia pass

2nd in class
19th overall

487 CKP


Finished 3rd in class

more photos
Pat Moss with cine camera.

Before the start in Marseille

 1958 Alpine Rally

PMO 200

John Sprintzel smoking his tyres while ascending one of the many cols.

Four of the five Healeys stopped at a railway level-crossing

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Sears and Moore at altitude

No room for error!
Moss and Wisdom at speed  in

PMO 201

Sprintzel avoiding a crashed Triumph while ascending a col

TON 792

Waiting for a procession to cross the road!

PMO 202

about to overtake the camera car at speed

This 100M was an early casuality

TWD 775

John Gott in UOC 741 about to enter a tunnel with spotlights lit.

Sears exiting tunnel

These `photos` have been taken from a film of the event made by the Shell Oil Company.

As there are very few real colour photos of Austin Healeys from this era  these `stills` are a great opportunity to see the cars in all their glory.

There are an infinitive number of possible options available when capturing stills from film so in their own way these `photos` are unique