2. Style and Looks
The 100-Six represents the 6 cylinder Austin Healey in its purest form. As with all great designs, the first is usually the best ....think Series 1 E-type. The drums on the front provide  perfect symmetry to the superb profile.

3. Rarity
Due to neglect 100-Sixs are thin on the ground compared to other models. Check it out at your next Healey meet
4.  Unique Features
The 100-Six has unique features to differentiate it from 3000's. These include the famous ridge in the bonnet, the conical reflectors, and the front drum brakes.
 5. Value for Money
Dollar for Dollar, pound for pound, or even euro for euro, the 100-Six represents the best value for money in the Healey world. Get one while you can
6. Be Different !
6 Reasons
why you should buy a 100-Six

1. Competition History
No other Healey model has such a wide ranging competition history as the 100-Six. From Bonneville & Montlhery speed and endurance records,  the SCCA Championship, Sebring and the Mille Miglia, to Class wins in International Rallying.